Mishima Kempo

The Mishima Shrine

Mishima Jinja
The Mishima Shrine

Mishima Kempo is named after the Mishima Shrine in Nara Prefecture, Japan. The Mishima Jinja (Three Islands Shrine) in Mishimacho, Nara should not be confused with the much more famous Mishima Taisha in Shizuoka, which is about 180 miles distant from the Mishima Jinja.

Artists Impression
Artists impression of the shrine in its original location

As a result of forces far beyond the power of the shrine’s small number of supporters to control, the Mishima Jinja does not reside in its original location, which was about half a mile away from the current site.

Mishima Jinja entrance
Entrance to the shrine - the post reads "Mishima Jinja"

Despite the move and the loss of its once beautiful shrine pond, the shrine remains a small island of calm and beauty among the surrounding buildings. It was here that Mishima Kempo was founded in 1994.

Mishima Jinja shrine pond
The former shrine pond
Recent photo
Recent photo showing the Shishi (Lion Dogs)