Training methods

Kempo is a fluid, fast striking art that specialises in evasive footwork and grappling methods similar to jujitsu and sumo. Kempo is very relaxed and quick in application. Our Kempo training covers a number of different areas:

Kihon 基本 - basics

Ashisabaki 足捌き - footwork

Ayumite 歩み手 - footwork sparring

Kata 型 - forms

Renraku-no-Te 連絡の手 - sequence sparring

Shudatte 手脱手 - grappling

Jigeiko 地稽古 - free practice

Konjun-no-Kata 渾敦の型 - shadowboxing

Kakushi 隠し - small weapons

Daito 大刀 - long sword

Shoto 小刀 - short sword

Yari 槍 - spear

Naginata and Naginari 薙刀 - halberds

Rokushakubo 六尺棒 - staff